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The Mathematics of Bliss

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

if there are mathematics involved in bliss then a: bliss is often a plus or a minus depending on how you look. If you look a plus if there are mathematics then b: you plus, you plus, you plus if you are a minus. If there are and often there are not signs involved where signifiers flash strobes of red, then a + b = overly irresistible plus one more = Teflon resistible. If there is but often there is not an elated state, then a - b = melancholy and belabored sighs when missing a plus.

brunette meets red meats blonde where Neapolitan goes down yummy.

If you are pointing out smiles then a: laugh lines. How do you do you do you do you do? Then one to be pointed out is pointing. She is out. To be pointing = pointed and poignant. If she is now painting instead of pointing then b: horizontal lines. If bliss is the cumulative result of both parts a + b and a - b, then a false parallelogram results in the end. If the sum of its parts < than ecstatic, then ecstasy prevails in disconnected parts. If the remainder of parts > a crowded park full of applause, then our experience remains an unresolved integer. We solve for the facticity of all malleable things involving felicity.

(note: this is appearing in its original form. it appears elsewhere in and edited/changed version)

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