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October 24, 2017

A Strange Periscope: John Freeman on Poetry & Politics

The Sunday Rumpus Interview with Heidi Julavits

October 24, 2012

My interview with the brilliant and always charming Heidi. Here we discuss her novel, THE VANISHERS among other things. (I really need a new interview with Heidi!) Read on! 

Karla Kelsey in Conversation with Angela Stubbs: The Nervous Breakdown Interview

May 8, 2011

Karla Kelsey shares her thoughts on lyric poetry, philosophy and life.

Sarah Manguso in conversation with Angela Stubbs @ The Rumpus

May 6, 2012

Sarah Manguso discusses her latest work, The Guardians where we discuss, life, death and the process of grieving, among other things.

Gina Frangello in conversation with Angela Stubbs

September 23, 2010

The wonderfully talented and witty Ms. Gina Frangello discusses her work with me for the Sunday Edition of the Rumpus.

The TNB interview with Karla Kelsey

May 8, 2011

Karla Kelsey discusses Iteration Nets

A Conversation with Aimee Bender

December 1, 2010

Aimee Bender discusses The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake with Angela Stubbs @ The Nervous Breakdown

Charles Baxter in Conversation with Angela Stubbs @ Bookslut.com

November 2008

Charles discusses "The Soul Thief" with Angela Stubbs @ Bookslut

Derek White in Conversation with Angela Stubbs @ Bookslut.com

March 2008

Angela Stubbs interviews Derek White about Sleepingfish, being an independent editor and his latest work, Poste Restante

An Interview with Steve Erickson

December 2007

Angela Stubbs discusses Zeroville with Steve Erickson @ Bookslut.com

Danielle Dutton in conversation with Angela Stubbs

April 2007

Angela Stubbs discusses Danielle Dutton's debut work, "Attempts At A Life" @ Bookslut.com

Heidi Julavits in conversation with Angela Stubbs

February 2007

Angela Stubbs discusses psychics, psychology & her latest work, "The Uses Of Enchantment" with Heidi Julavits @ Booklsut.com

An Interview with Brian Evenson

November 2006

Angela Stubbs discusses Mormonism, rituals and, "The Open Curtain" with author Brian Evenson.

An Interview with Bruce Bauman

September 2006

Angela Stubbs discusses And The Word Was with author Bruce Bauman @ Bookslut.com

Rachel Sherman in conversation with Angela Stubbs

July 2006

Angela Stubbs discusses Rachel Sherman's debut work, "The First Hurt"@ Bookslut.com


Salvador Plascencia in conversation with Angela Stubbs

July 2006

Salvador Plascencia discusses The People of Paper with Angela Stubbs @ Bookslut.com

An Interview With Jonathan Ames

March 2006

Jonathan Ames discusses his collection of essays with Angela Stubbs at Bookslut.com

Paul Mandelbaum in conversation with Angela Stubbs

February 2006

Paul Mandelbaum discusses his work from both "Adrienne on the Edge" and "Garrett In Wedlock" with Angela Stubbs

Aimee Bender Interview with Angela Stubbs@ Bookslut.com

September 2005

Aimee Bender discusses her latest collection of short fiction titled, "Willful Creatures" with Angela Stubbs

The LitPark Interview with Gina Frangello

September 16, 2006

Angela Stubbs interviews Gina Frangello about her debut novel, "My Sister's Continent" over at Susan Henderson's LitPark.


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