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New beginnings should always involve an element of the unattainable as inspiration.

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A Beating

i hear clanging in my ear failing ding me, claim me it’s seize the space I’m in I say hide with crickets in thickets I say zest your fancy dishes with all things orange and the rubbery lovechild produced as a result of the kerfuffle with steel and dairy products you listen to thunderous clouds if I am sitting Shiva if you are salty tears drown out the droning of the deep resounding emptiness a half-hearted heart cured if alcohol yelled quietly amongst its peers if gifts and nervousness exist in rattled cages blinds an innocent eye in the daylight sun shines eclipsed by reality shadow’s undertaker whispers and passes notes to you in spiral-bound notebook if a form of screaming scrimmage lines and wit goes running down the lane without grace hollering nothing but telling everyone what’s happening in the front seat of yesterday the page of tomorrow when crinkled hears sirens and dizzy can’t stop setting your hair on fire with fury for the noise of neediness against your skin if it manages to assault banter and bicker with its cunning use of verbal lightening a red palm tree cast over the edges smoothing out the bruises you bravely listen and finally there is silence.


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