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New beginnings should always involve an element of the unattainable as inspiration.

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Canadians Like Me

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

The Canadian website, Don’t Talk to Me About Love published two of my poems: “Feedback of Desire” & “I Sent You A Telepathic Message, Did You Get It?” You can discover/read them here.

Feedback of Desire

I want to crack an egg on your ass,

fix your chipped nail polish, read those poems you never finished, even the ones that aren’t about me. See, I’m not selfish. I can be vulnerable, just don’t get up and go.

Like, we could have three dogs in case one dies in the future and we won’t be lonely or I won’t because you might leave me. I don’t blame you for downgrading, for simplicity.

At this age, I really should have it together. When I walk the neighborhood, I think the flowers smell like a metaphor for something.

photo credit @dromsjel/instagram

I Sent You A Telepathic Message, Did You Get It?

we tried to tell each other I’m afraid of this desire it gets worse every time I see you

hopeful for what I wonder because your tongue in my mouth means we’re progressing towards a goal

I heart writing poems to you even though fucking in poems is good sometimes my heart is involved

which makes fucking beautiful in the moonlight there is silence the strewn manuscript of you


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